Run Sausage Run!

Run Sausage Run!

Games are growing every day, and new games are released every day. If you are searching for the games and you don't know what a good action game for spending some time is then you have come to the right place.

Run Sausage Run! is a crazy weird looking game where your goal is to run with sausage on the map full of dangers. And that is the funniest aspect of the game. Dangers in the game are made in such a manner that this sausage you are trying to save from getting cut, cooked, sliced or whatever the kitchen wants to do to the poor sausage is really in a danger. Only you, a brave sausage saver can save it. You will need to pay good attention to what is happening on the map because only one mistake, and you can lose half of your sausage. Or if the worst happens you could be cut in half, smashed or cooked and then my dear friend game is over for you. But be not sad, you can start again, over and over again with a new sausage.

You can even choose from various sausages that game offers. You can play as blutwurst, weisswurst, chocolate, plumber sausage or many other crazy funny looking sausages. I know some of them you would like to eat, but wait till the game is over and grab one real sausage for a hot-dog.

The game also offers extra fun with skins. You can change the sausage outfit and have some fun as running through the kitchen in some funny skins. I won't mention what skins are there to offer, but all main world politicians are in. They are looking funny, and you will have real fun running with them trough kitchen. I am sure you would want to cook some of them on purpose and you can do that just for laughs.

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